Photo by Pawel Czerwinski / Unsplash

Being dedicated to anonymity and transparency can seem like an oxymoron, and it is in many ways. It is a challenge to protect the identities of the individuals who work on this project while also maintaining trust with those we serve.

As we've developed additional tools, engaged in various projects, and expanded our team, these objectives have grown more complex. The increase in tools also results in higher costs. Fortunately, we have a dedicated team and alumni who appreciate what we do, ensuring our financial sustainability. Additionally, we have received support from outside individuals who have graciously donated to sustain our ongoing operations.

In the spirit of enhanced transparency, a breakdown of our expenses and how we financed them is provided below.

Income and Expenses Since 2021

Category SUM of Value
expense Advertising $15.84
Domain Costs $72.00
Services & APIs $153.83
Web Hosting $3.50
expense Total $245.17
income Donations $55.00
Internal Fundraising $200.00
income Total $255.00
Cash on Hand $9.83

*Full breakdown by category and year is available upon request.